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All that You Should Know about Strategic Sourcing

In the modern business landscape, leveraging globalization necessitates efficient sourcing of goods and services. Strategic sourcing involves assessing organizational requirements and aligning them with suitable suppliers through systematic market analysis.

By embracing technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation, the sourcing process can be optimized, unlocking numerous advantages for global enterprises.

These innovative solutions streamline operations, enabling companies to tap into a plethora of opportunities for growth and efficiency enhancement. You can also take the help of Maple Sourcing for this process if you are sourcing from China.

Definition of the process of sourcing strategically

Procuring products and services is vital for companies of all sizes, ranging from startups with a few vendors to multinational corporations with expansive reach. Sourcing plays a pivotal role in the success of enterprises, forming a crucial aspect of their supply chain management.

– Procurement (reactive, short-term): This is part of your daily business where purchase orders are raised.

– Sourcing strategically (proactive, long-term): It includes steps like supplier and development of supply, negotiation, outsourcing, monitoring and evaluation.

Tactical sourcing encompasses a comprehensive approach that integrates data, analysis, market research, and contract information to guide informed purchasing decisions. Its objective is to enhance efficiency by saving time and minimizing overall costs.

This process extends from identifying the need to finalizing the purchase order, ensuring a thorough and systematic approach to procurement.

However, in reality, strategic sourcing may include the following:

Data collection

– Digitization of documents

– Workflow automation.

How important is it?

Undoubtedly, strategic sourcing is imperative in today’s business landscape, offering a proactive strategy to forge lasting supplier relationships. By aligning organizational needs with suitable suppliers, a competitive edge is gained.

When executed effectively, this fosters enduring partnerships, fostering mutual trust and cooperation. Such relationships incentivize suppliers to consistently deliver their best, amplifying business outcomes and opportunities for success in the competitive market.

Steps of Strategic Sourcing

The following are the different steps involved during strategic sourcing:

– Needs assessment: Identifying proactively the objectives and sourcing needs of the company, identification of budget and responsibilities

– Data collection and spend analysis: Collection of various supplier data and historical procurement information in a strategic sourcing software, e.g. SAP, to create a supplier portfolio.

– Market intelligence: Researching the global market and assessing the existing suppliers, their conditions, and developments.

– RFx process: This is a digitized market strategy also known as RFx (request for X), which allows companies to request quotations, information, etc., quickly through their virtual network, where suppliers may be competing against each other.

– Negotiation: All the offers can be compared and evaluated based on data for better negotiation.

– Contracting: Utilize digital signatures, renewal alerts, and other tools to expedite and simplify vendor cooperation and workflows.

– Implementation and continuous improvement: Using performance data, keep an eye on and assess strategic sourcing procedures to ensure ongoing optimization and obtain the best sourcing deals.


So, you can see that obtaining the right data is the key element of sourcing strategically. This includes collecting detailed information about suppliers along with their terms and conditions, prices, reviews, and much more.

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